Special D Events

Special D Events

Voluntourism for Corporate Groups

August 19, 2008

In a recent article, Forbes magazine had this to say about voluntourism: “There comes a point — generally when you’re on your third margarita, sunburned over 60 percent of your body and the kids are screaming in the infinity pool — when you start wonder if there is more to the whole vacation concept than…

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Emergency Preparedness for Attendees?

December 30, 2008

Recently, I signed up for a one day conference on line and was asked to provide my emergency contact information. After weeks of holiday shopping and enduring the barrage of sales people requesting my home phone number, my first reaction was to leave the field empty. However, upon further thought I realized that providing this…

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The Value of Meetings & Events

February 9, 2009

Enough already. Not every corporate meeting or event is a boondoggle. While I agree elected officials should not be sunning themselves in the Caribbean at the taxpayer’s expense, there is considerable value in face-to-face meetings. Meetings, events and travel can be strategic cost effective ways to retain and develop employee talent, build engagement, generate ideas,…

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The Value of Trade Shows

March 5, 2009

A new study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research has put a price tag on the value of exhibitions. CEIR’s Cost Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation study determined that it costs about $215 to make an initial face-to-face contact with a customer at an exhibition. Included in that cost is exhibition construction, storage, exhibit space,…

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Meeting/Event Planning Company of the Year

March 12, 2009

Well, it’s really true what they say… It’s an honor just to be nominated. I just learned that Special D Events has been named a finalist for “Michigan’s Best Meeting/Event Planning Company” award. Thanks to our Michigan clients and colleagues who cast their vote for us. Wish us luck on May 13 when they announce…

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Debit Cards at Cash Bars

April 9, 2009

Does anyone carry cash anymore? I don’t. My debit card does the trick — except when it comes to cash bars. I had a client ask me the today to arrange for a credit card machine at a cash bar, and the hotel thought I was crazy. I agree, it could slow down the process…

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Alternative Event Venues

April 28, 2009

Looking for an alternative event venue for your non profit or community event? We are currently investigating the use of a high school for a client’s membership event. It’s non traditional, for sure. But, it offers the breakouts (classrooms), general session (auditorium), and parking we need. If you can get the school administration to agree,…

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H1N1 Virus/Swine Flu and Meetings/Events

May 1, 2009

Special D Events has many corporate events scheduled nationwide in the coming weeks, and we have NOT experienced cancellations in registrations/RSVPs due to attendee concerns over N1H1. However, as professional meeting planners, we adhere to the Boy Scouts’ motto, “Be Prepared.” Consequently, our staff outlined the steps we are taking to respond to this situation….

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Delta Offers Meeting Fare Discounts

June 1, 2009

Delta Air Lines will start offering discounted fares to those of us planning meetings and events. Apparently, the discounts will be based on a program once offered by Northwest Airlines that allowed travel buyers to negotiate discounts of between 5 and 7 percent, excluding taxes and fees, for meeting-goers. The policy was particularly helpful when…

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Staycations & Corporate Events

June 2, 2009

High gas prices and even higher unemployment rates are prompting many people to opt for a “staycation.” The idea is to take a vacation in your own neck of the woods, discovering unique activities and places that are right under your nose. This concept could easily be applied to summertime corporate events as well. Few…

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Working a Presidential Event

July 17, 2009

Special D Events’ staff had the opportunity to assist with the speech/event this week by President Barack Obama in Warren, Michigan. Regardless of your politics, working on a presidential event is an amazing opportunity. The staff on the White House Advance Team are experts at high pressure, last minute high level event situations. And, when…

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