Special D Events

Special D Events

Crisis Management & The Olympics

The Olympics are coming, and all these stories about China in the news have me thinking…

Sometimes planning for the unexpected is just as important as planning for the expected. In my family, we actually have an expression for it. My mom was all too well known for her WCS’s or “worst case scenarios.” Was she a worrier? Absolutely. Did she sometimes take it too far? By all means. But, that doesn’t mean that anticipating the unexpected is a bad idea.

As event planners, we instinctively anticipate what could go wrong, all the while maintaining a positive perspective that everything will go off without a hitch. Over the years, we have dealt with labor strikes, illnesses, births and even a death on site. That’s why many years ago we instituted a company wide best practice that involves the creation of various emergency documents and crisis communication action plans.
Now, when we are on-site working an event, we know exactly how far the nearest hospital is and we have the contact information of the police department in our cell phones. We even have a company “meeting place” where we plan to gather should an emergency arise. Our crisis management plan assures not only our clients, but also our staff, that there is a plan in place should things go awry.

Right now event planners all over the world are readying themselves for Beijing. We know what you are up against, and we wish you well.

Sharon McMurray

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