Special D Events

Special D Events

Foundation Convenings and Events

Convening presenter brainstorming ideas

Searching for meeting planners that speak the language of foundations and their grantees? Special D Events is uniquely qualified. Our expertise stems from the year-long study into global convening best practices we conducted on behalf of one of the largest independent foundations in the United States.

This study, combined with years of experience, has enabled us to serve as a trusted partner to multiple family, community and independent foundations. We understand the nuances of their convenings and community events. Sustainability and inclusivity are always top of mind.

We serve as an extension of our clients’ in-house staffs, providing strategic meeting management services that expand their ability to advance the common good. Our team is flexible, providing everything from turnkey meeting management to support with only specific areas of need.

Sample events:

  • Meetings, conferences and convenings
  • Community events and tours
  • Educational workshops
  • Board meetings
  • Development and fundraising events
  • Groundbreakings, grand openings and open house events
  • Award ceremonies
  • Media events
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