Special D Events

Special D Events

Virtual Event Management

Live events may be on pause, but your business is not. The answer is virtual, and every Special D Events planner has been certified by the Event Leadership Institute and MPI in virtual event and meeting management (VEMM).

The virtual meeting industry is exploding with options, and we have the expertise to harness the crazy.

Our team is constantly scanning the landscape for the latest virtual meeting platforms, live streaming services and third-party tech tools, vetting them on your behalf. We help you manage the project and supplier relationships, ensuring accountability and cutting through the tech speak to communicate in terms you and your stakeholders can understand.

More importantly, we help you reduce the risks of online events, putting practices in place to guard against tech and security snafus. Our planners help you feel safe and look good.

Building on our more than 30-year history with live events, here are a few of the virtual event services we provide:

  • Project management and risk mitigation
  • Production services including run of show development and asset management
  • Website, registration and communications
  • Platform buildout
  • Participant engagement
  • Presenter support and moderator coaching
  • Sponsorship package design and fulfillment
  • On site management, rehearsal and event day
  • Post-event analytics
  • Hourly Consulting Sessions


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