Special D Events

Special D Events

In a recent article, Forbes magazine had this to say about voluntourism: “There comes a point — generally when you’re on your third margarita, sunburned over 60 percent of your body and the kids are screaming in the infinity pool — when you start wonder if there is more to the whole vacation concept than lying on a beach getting toasted.”

That sentiment has led more and more vacationers to consider trips that have some altruistic aspect. You can help clean up a beach in Aruba, read to underprivileged children in Mexico, or volunteer at Yellowstone National Park.

Here at Special D Events, we see the voluntourism trend affecting our corporate groups as well. Volunteer projects are great for teambuilding and they support a company’s desire for corporate social responsibility. Recently, we have helped executives build bicycles for children, and coordinated a speed shopping trip for employees to purchase and pack items for distribution at local food banks.

Everyone loves the occasional margarita (or two), but I have to say, this feels a lot better the next day!

— Carol Galle, CMP

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