Special D Events

Special D Events

Why single-day registrations make sense for your next meeting and potential pitfalls


Reasons to offer a day pass to your conference:

  1. When you have a large number of stakeholders who traditionally don’t register because the overall cost is too high. For instance, entry level professionals who are unable to attend a multi-day event may be able to get permission and funding for one day.
  2. If you hold the event in an area where there are likely to be lot of potential attendees within driving distance (e.g., a major city or an area where stakeholders have a large office, plant, distribution center, etc.)
  3. When you are trying to build attendance during a low spot in the agenda. For instance, attendance typically wanes on the final day of a multi-day conference. Adding a day pass for that day helps boost enrollment for the sessions during that time frame.
  4. As another strategy in your toolkit to boost exhibit hall attendance.

What to watch out for:

  1. Offer it on the last day of the conference only if possible. Unless the conference has high security, once the attendees are in, they are in. If they show up on Day One, it’s not likely someone will spot them and ask them to leave on Day Two.
  2. Try it on the day with the fewest food functions. Again, once they are in, they are in. So if one of the conference days includes an evening cocktail reception, either choose another day for the day pass or make sure to consider those F&B costs when pricing the pass.
  3. In addition to a traditional day pass, don’t forget to consider a hybrid event where some sessions are streamed live on the internet for attendees who cannot make the trip.

If you have tried single-day registration in the past and lost money or are looking for a new way to boost attendance, we hope these suggestions and warnings help you plan your next meeting. Special D Events has more than two decades of event management experience. We look forward to partnering with you.

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