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Special D Events

Why CMP?

I’ve been a meeting professional for over 15 years — so why was I so nervous about taking the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) exam? I wondered, why do I even need those three simple letters behind my name? I know what I am doing when it comes to planning a meeting; well, at least I think I know… Okay, maybe that is where the apprehension came in – what if I was “street smart” but not “book smart?” What if I fail the exam? How could I face my colleagues and clients?

I realized, however, that certifications like these establish credibility and demonstrate commitment to the special events industry. So, recently, I decided to accept the challenge.

Earning and maintaining your CMP is no small accomplishment. I spent many nights working with a local study group and pouring over textbooks. So, when it came time to take the exam, I was confident. When I learned I had passed, I immediately added those three important letters (CMP) to my e-mail. I admit, it was a great feeling.

I can tell you it was definitely worth the effort. More and more companies are recognizing the significance of certification, and Special D Events management is proud to say they have CMPs on their staff.

So, to all you professional meeting planners out there, I say, “What are you waiting for?”

~Denise Rondo, CMP

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