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Your audience may be quarantined, but does your event need to be?  The answer is no!  The service partners and technology exist to help you continue to train employees, motivate your sales force, recognize greatness, inspire your team, and simply continue to connect.  Engagement is more important now than ever.  It is time to move events forward, safely, and your virtual event management team is ready with solutions!

The most talked about solution for today’s events is virtual.  Do not let fear of the unknown stop you from considering this as an immediate option.  Virtual is not only a short-term solution.  We will likely see this option long-term as well, especially since there are many advantages in today’s digital world.

Virtual events allow us to reach an even larger audience and content can be shared live or on-demand.  In addition, we can use analytics to track attendance, participation, and engagement. These advantages are huge, especially for those with an international audience or a need to distribute educational credits.  While budgetary needs will differ based on event needs, digital does not mean more or less expensive.  You will need your production budget and an allocation for a digital event venue, but other budgets (such as travel, food, and beverage) will decrease potentially allowing for cost-savings.  However, there are new line items to consider based on the style of virtual event you select, so it is best to keep your full event budget allocated until we have determined the solution that makes sense for your goals.

The event you do live, should not be the event you do virtually.

Planners and event teams will be forced to rethink the value of content, speakers, agendas, and many other items to ensure they fit the digital platform.  What was once a successful eight-hour event may now be one hour of live content and additional on-demand breakouts that participants visit as their schedule allows.  This is an advantage to event hosts because there is more opportunity for creativity with the messaging.  When focusing more on the content and delivery, we expect an increase in the retention of the message.

Advantages of going virtual are on the rise and we expect that even live events will include digital components in the future.  The live event industry will continue to be impacted by safety measures, but we are ready with solutions!  We are committed to helping you reach your goals, regardless of the event style.  Your business has not stopped, so why should your events?

Special D Events offers virtual event management.  Contact Special D Events online or at 248-336-8600 and let our virtual event planners help you manage your events.

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