Special D Events

Special D Events

Navigating Live and Virtual Events

The world of meetings and events has turned upside down. There are new ways to gather, increased emphasis on virtual events and hybrid meetings, terminology to learn, cancellation clauses to consider, and more. That’s OK. Take a breath. We’re here to help.

With nearly 30 years of experience with national strategic events management, we can help you navigate these opportunities and challenges starting with just a phone call. Our event consulting team is fully prepared to answer your questions, share our experience, brainstorm solutions and help you take the right steps forward.

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Hourly Consulting Sessions

Sponsorships Opportunities with Virtual Events

Sponsorships Opportunities with Virtual Events

Confused about how to provide your sponsors with the access they need? Worried about losing sponsorship revenue? The need to connect still exists even if your live events are on-hold. Virtual events offer new immersive opportunities including the enhanced ability for data tracking and attendee engagement. Our consultant will talk you through tools and solutions to ensure your event partners maximize their reach.

Teambuilding During a Pandemic

Employees are stressed. We are adapting to new communication tools and work environments and are still under pressure to be productive. We are physically distanced from our co-workers yet need to feel part of a team.  Fortunately, there are virtual alternatives to traditional team building solutions. Our consultant will share what works in a digital world and provide helpful suggestions for your team.

Safety and Security for Live Events

As live events come back online, the rules of engagement seem to be changing daily, and you may find it tough to keep up. What sort of steps need to be taken to provide a safe environment for your attendees? How do you socially distance at events? We will help you cut through the noise and effectively design a strategy for reinventing your event to fit into a post-COVID world.

Pandemic Contract Cancellation and Negotiation

Do you need to change or cancel a current contract or negotiate a new one? Our consultants can talk you through best practices and helpful tips. With decades of experience managing national events, we understand the goals of both event organizers and venues/suppliers. We can help you get the most out of these difficult conversations.

Note: As event managers, we use our industry experience to negotiate fair contracts on behalf of our clients. However, we are not attorneys. We always recommend you follow your organization’s standard procedures for legal contract review.