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Special D Events

Budget Shortcuts

budget_cuts_10Because this is a profession that takes over the depths of your core; it is often a struggle for planners whose clients have very small budgets. How can we create the perfect setting without ample funds? Here are some tricks of the trade I have developed to stretch my client’s dollar.

  • Event suppliers are approached for sponsor requests on a weekly basis. If they were to agree to each appeal they would have little to no revenue. Instead of asking them to do a direct trade for event services, I propose my client pay a minimum amount and the supplier provide above and beyond that price point. In exchange, we offer sponsor incentives such as print and stage recognition. This works especially well with florists and caterers who often have an abundance of “leftovers” that can be put to good use. They key here is to be flexible. You can provide your wish list of items, but they may not be able to tell you what they can provide (specifically) until the week of your event. Still, it’s better than no floral or a meager buffet.
  • Create generic signs so they can be re-used for annual events or meetings. Stay away from including dates, years, or specific details on signage because doing so will limit the longevity of the sign. In addition, consider ordering a die cut arrow that can be adhered with Velcro so you have the option of switching the direction of the arrow from event to event.
  • Forgo the formal coat check for your Fall/Winter event and instead ask to have coat racks available for self service. This way, guests don’t have to wait in a long checkout line and you don’t have to pay the extra fee to staff the coat check. Many times the coat area is close to registration anyway. So, make the most of the event staff who are already working and have them staged by the coat rack to pull double duty.

What are your tricks? Any ideas that save the budget without sacrificing quality? I’d love to hear!

~Lindsay Krause

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