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Our Transparency Policy

Meeting_16Special D Events serves as an extension of our clients’ staffs; we work for your organization and recommend suppliers who meet your needs and budget.

When it comes to billing, we operate similar to a general contractor: we are consultants who understand it takes a team of specialists to produce a successful event. This team of specialists likely includes professional venues, entertainers, decorators, caterers, printers, audiovisual producers and more. Although we are often asked to negotiate the contracts with these event specialists and supervise their services and billing, if their contracts are in your name — and you reimburse them directly — the products and services you select will not be marked up. However, because of our industry experience, we often receive discounts that we pass along to our clients.

We charge an hourly consulting fee for our professional services organizing, promoting and managing your event and bill you — without a markup — for any direct expenses we incur in the process. Special D Events’ pricing is transparent and affordable.