Special D Events

Special D Events

When Worlds Collide: HGTV Meets Special Events

Do you walk into an empty room and feel the thrill of a blank canvas, whether it’s a home, hotel ballroom or empty warehouse? For interior designers and special event planners, those moments are like shots of adrenalin. It’s the reason we get up in the morning. We immediately launch mental Pinterest boards, envisioning the possibilities with colors, shapes, lighting and decor. We think about our client’s goals for the space and how guests will move around in it. We’re off and running.

So, it’s no surprise home design trends influence the events industry. As we launch into a new year and a host of predictions from both sides, I’ve been thinking about the intersection of these two industries.

In 2019, interior designers were all about mid-century furniture, natural botanicals and succulents with white, matte gold and rose gold accents. Those trends were evident in Special D Events’ work too. Examples include our boxing-themed awards event last fall, and the succulent gifts we distributed at a spring grand opening for a community center.

For 2020, interior designers predict more bold rich colors, eschewing all-white kitchens and 50 shades of gray living rooms. I have to say since that pretty much describes my current and adored home, and I’m slightly horrified. But I get it. As an event planner, I’m just as susceptible to being over and done with a trend.

This year we can also expect a return to the strong geometric forms of the early 20th century. Architectural Digest predicts an updated take on the angular geometrics, cutouts, and patterns of Art Deco. Calling it “neo-Deco” we could see fresh, sophisticated interiors combining tropical Miami pastels alongside the more traditional black and gold. A quick look at the latest products from our friends at Event Source and Panache Events turned up multiple linens that fit that theme to a tee. Overall on the event side, look for the roaring (19)20’s to be a common theme at this year’s events.

Sustainability was a common theme in both interior and event design in 2019 and I expect it to continue in 2020, In fact, I’m in complete agreement with Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors who told AD, “We need to stop thinking about sustainability as a trend and approach it as an expectation and a demand from the consumer—an intrinsic requirement at all levels of the market.”

How do you see home design trends influencing events? Is the events industry ready for our own HGTV Channel?  If so, count me in!

To read Special D Events full list of projected trends for 2020, visit https://www.specialdevents.com/free-resources/.

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