Special D Events

Special D Events

Ways to Spice Up your Grand Opening Ceremony

Looking for ways to spice up your ribbon cutting ceremony? Grand openings are the perfect opportunity to foster relationships with multiple stakeholders and showcase your creativity, so they depart with a lasting, positive impression of your company and new facility.

Creativity counts! Photo opps are important but should also be relevant. Think about what makes the most sense for your business and incorporate that into your ceremony.  Below are just three ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

1.  Think beyond the standard ribbon and scissors and use materials that fit with your core line of business. Build the ribbon out of wood, tape, or even food. Cut it with a tool used in your business, or drive an automobile through it. Special D Events once created a custom, life size band-aid for the grand opening of a hospital. Hospital leadership removed the band-aid to commemorate the opening.

2.  Go off script and turn a key or design a bell ringing ceremony.

3.  Commit to the environment and community by conducting a tree planting ceremony. This creates a meaningful, interactive opportunity. Don’t forget to include an engraved plaque nearby noting the date of the ceremony.

Whatever creative option you decide to pursue make sure it’s social media worthy. After all, if it wasn’t photographed and/or posted to social media did it even happen?


Photo Credit: Larry Peplin

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