Special D Events

Special D Events

Using Meetings/Events to Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

I believe we meeting planners are generally a socially conscious bunch.  We would much prefer to recycle those 90,000 cans and bottles used during a 3-day conference.  We would love it if our client/boss said, “Hey, why don’t we forego a box lunch on that last day and donate the food to charity?”  But, frankly, that doesn’t happen often enough.  I believe that this recession can turn the tide.  For organizations that want/need to host that meeting or special event but are concerned about how their stakeholders will view the expense, now is the time to use the situation to improve your CSR.  Special D Events has written a white paper that demonstrates how meetings and events can:

  • Improve a company’s Triple Bottom Line (TBL) – People, Planet and Profit
  • Serve as a vehicle for showcasing a company’s efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen (generate positive publicity)
  • Have a positive impact on the world, both from an environmental and a social perspective

From green meetings to volunteering to nonprofit partners, there are many AFFORDABLE ways meeting planners can encourage their bosses/clients to make a difference and minimize the AIG effect.  To receive a complimentary copy of “Meetings Mean Business”, click here.

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