Special D Events

Special D Events

Twitter on Parade

Looking for an example of how to use Twitter for events? I just attended Detroit’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a light bulb went off. Parade organizers could easily and cheaply use Twitter to enhance the parade-goer experience. Imagine that one of the first few floats included a sign that said: Follow us… twitter.com/SnickerzTHEdog parade. Or, if that offer was printed on the backs of parade staff t-shirts.

Organizers could send out tweets with practical tips (e.g., “plenty of parking still open at lot on Michigan and Trumbull”, or “grandstand seats available in front of Moe’s Bar”, “No wait at the restrooms near Burger King”, or parade-related info (e.g., “Kids, keep an eye out for the Four Seasons Greenhouse float – they are tossing candy”, “Give a special shout out to the band from Fitzgerald High, they just won a regional competition”.) The opportunities are endless. It’s a great way to connect parade goers, get them involved in the event, and improve their overall experience.

~ Carol Galle, event planner & parade fan

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