Special D Events

Special D Events

– From Carol Galle

Just returned from a week long event management training conference called, “The Special Event” in Atlanta and am full of ideas. Here are three of my favorites:

The disappearing balloon wall. This cool reveal technique is reasonably priced and the effect — albeit brief — is dramatic. It could be used to reveal a guest speaker, new product, or at a grand opening. More info…

Acrobacks! This “performance design firm” offers one-of-a-kind visual treats like the “human” mobile — performers artfully balanced above your guests to create an Alexander Calder-like mobile. They also have a human disco ball which consists of an aerialist wearing a costume made of thousands of tiny mirrors. Amazing. More info…

And finally — drum roll please — Dinner in the Sky. “Wow” doesn’t begin to describe it. Dinner in the Sky takes place at a table suspended 165 feet in mid air. Your customers, board, or VIPs will never forget this experience. Check out the photos…

It was a great week. I’ll continue to go through my notes and post the best ideas, so check back here again soon!

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