Special D Events

Special D Events

The Price of Peace of Mind

With so many moving parts to an event, are you willing to pay more for peace of mind?

In today’s current economy, event budgets are more important than ever.  Clients have a specific amount of money budgeted and it is crucial to the success of the event to come in, at or under this budget.  This being said, it seems that the vendor selection process would be easier than ever; the vendor with the lowest quote gets the business.  That may work well for the bottom line but what about your piece of mind?  Would you pay more to use an in-house provider at an out of state event?  What about using a repeat vendor, would you pay more for a vendor you have had success with in the past or try to save money with a new vendor? 

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question, just something to think about.

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