Special D Events

Special D Events

The Food Truck Transformation

For years, food trucks have been a common sight on the streets of New York and Los Angeles.   These go-to spots have been staples for the on-the-go eater who needed a quick and affordable lunch option. But times have changed and so has the food truck. Gone are the days of the lonely hot dog stand on the corner. The food trucks of today are numerous and are as diverse in appearance as they are in cuisine. You can now see a food truck competition on Food Network, read about them in the Wall Street Journal, and even see them at your friend’s wedding. Once you find your favorite food truck, follow them on Twitter to get the latest and greatest information including location updates. Many food trucks are expanding from the street business into the event industry. Event planners are adding food trucks at the end of evening events as late night snacks and swapping catered buffets for food trucks at outdoor events.

Although hot dogs are still popular a food truck item, rest assured that a diverse assortment of delicious food is also available.  As unique as the food in the truck, so is the food truck name. Some that you may run into are Frysmith (French fries in LA), Pi On the Spot (Pizza in St. Louis), Fojol Bros. of Merlindia (Indian in DC), Spencer on the Go! (Alternative French cuisine in San Francisco) and Food Shark (Mediterranean in Texas). To see a number of your favorite food trucks in one place, check out one of the food truck festivals and gatherings that are popping up around the country. These festivals provide an opportunity to check out a diverse assortment of food and culture without having to track down the food trucks.

The food truck is here to stay, the pace is fast, and the food is ready to go.

~Molly Hawkins

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