Special D Events

Special D Events

Our Newest Employee Shares her Event Planning “Nuggets” of Knowledge

Time management is EVERYTHING

nuggets_of_knowledgeThere is no handbook for how to manage your time.  Timelines missed, meetings forgotten – this does not reflect well on your professional image.  Email is my biggest struggle and I’ve finally found a system that works for me.  I only check my inbox a few times a day. Scan for anything that needs to be addressed immediately or within the day. Everything else can wait. Your diligence will pay off by allowing you to focus on your most important and time-critical tasks.

Embrace technology, but understand what works best for you

It’s 2013 and we are in the age of technology.  I should be able to use my iPhone for all my workday needs. The truth is, I like making a paper to-do list every day because I enjoy crossing items off when they are completed.  Do I carry my phone with me almost all the time? Yes. But I also take my paper calendar with me as well. Do what makes you comfortable. You will be a much more productive, happy, and valuable employee.

Networking –  it’s worth it

As a meeting planner, I work hard to create new, exciting, and valuable events for my clients and their attendees. As a professional, it is nice to take a step back to enjoy a similar event in my own industry. Whether it is a 3-day conference, 1 day meeting, or a quick chat with colleagues; time spent away from your desk can be invaluable.  Continuing education keeps you up-to-date and also encourages forward thinking and best practices. Industry events also provide wonderful opportunities to get to know others who do what you do. They have been there, they get it. The opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals is truly wonderful. It creates a sense of community that becomes like a support group as you advance though your career.

In 2013, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn and continue to grow both as a meeting planner and as a young professional. Now it’s your turn: do you have any tricks of the trade?


~Erin Fontana

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