Special D Events

Special D Events

How To Make Events Interactive

how_to_make_events_interactiveLooking for a creative way to make your special event more interactive? Consider an art contest. We recently managed an open house for a Monroe, Michigan welding company and staged a unique contest that featured welding masks.

We contacted a local art college — the College for Creative Studies — and invited students to express their creativity by adding their artistic flair to welding helmets provided by our client. Students were encouraged to incorporate the client’s logo or automotive-related elements into the design. One mask was transformed into a radio, complete with cassette tape deck and speakers; and another featured new paint technology that seemed to change color before your eyes.

The finished pieces were displayed at the event along with each student’s bio. Guests were invited to learn about the artist and what inspired them, and then vote for their favorite piece. Winners were announced at the end of the event and cash prizes were awarded.

mask_contest_2To further the local community connection, the masks were donated to nearby Monroe Community College after the event. MCC has a large welding department and plans to display the artwork in their new welding facility.

The contest was a positive experience for everyone involved. Artists were inspired, event attendees enjoyed the interactivity, the client appreciated the opportunity to strengthen ties with the local community, and the colleges received media recognition for their participation.

1st Place                                       2nd Place                                 3rd Place






~Alix Chapie

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