Special D Events

Special D Events

Hotel Contracts- Proceed with Caution

hotel_contracts_proceed_with_cautionIf your event is being held at a hotel; plan on spending quite a bit of time negotiating and working out the details of your event contract.  Each hotel contract is different and needs to be looked at with a fine tooth comb.

Hotels are very competitive and want your business.  In order to secure the contract, hotels will offer you complimentary rooms, upgrades and amenities. This is the time that you have the upper hand in the negotiations regarding your event details or the concessions you desire.

Once the negotiations are complete but before the contract is signed, it is very important to check, double check and triple check for errors and items that may have been left out.  No matter how much the hotel wanted your business, once they have it, you are at the mercy of what is written in the contract.

A well written contract will cover you and your client in almost every situation imaginable.   However, if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation with an error in your contract be prepared to hear “Sorry, it’s not in your contract” and move on.

~Molly Hawkins

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