Special D Events

Special D Events

Every Day is an Event

every_day_is_eventBetween the feeding schedule and nap schedule to making sure you have everything you could ever possibly need for just a quick trip to the store, it all comes down to planning. Every day is like a mini event. I need to anticipate everything! I need to plan when my son needs to eat, nap, and figure out where we will be when this all needs to happen. It can be pretty overwhelming at times, but I am finally starting to get the hang of it. Similar to event planning, I have stocked the diaper bag like our on-site take box. It has all of our supplies we may need for the day: diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, change of clothes, blanket etc. And I always pack extra because like an event, the unexpected always happens!

Aside from being a full time mom, being a working mom brings even more challenges. Everything needs to be prepped in advance for the days that I work so that everything will run smoothly while I am gone. The night before, the bottles all need to be cleaned, diapers stocked, clothes washed and ready.

The good news is, just like with corporate events, the payoff is monumental. Once you have planned everything and given it your all; you sit back and admire the accomplishments, and you couldn’t be more proud. I feel like that every time I look at my son. This journey has been overwhelming at times and exhausting, but just seeing that little face look back at you smiling makes it all worth it!

~Alix Chapie

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