Special D Events

Special D Events

Environmentally Conscious Meeting Planning Tips for Earth Day

environmentally_consciousAt this point, every planner should be doing at least one thing they can say has made their events more sustainable.  Here we review some of the common applied ideas and some not so obvious actions you can take to be more environmentally conscious while planning your next corporate meeting. Find something on this list that is new to your organization by adding it to your event plans today in celebration of Earth Day.

  • If physical invitations are required, consider using post-consumer recycled paper.
  • The key is to think local and seasonal – tap into local bakeries for breads and pastries.  Go with seasonal and local fruits, vegetables, wine, beer, cheese, flowers and plants.
  • Create signature cocktails that take advantage of local and seasonal ingredients.
  • If your meeting is offering soda, try to serve it from pitchers or choose cans because aluminum is easily recyclable.
  • Plant reusable centerpieces or find them good homes after your event.
  • Donate leftover food to a local soup kitchen so nothing goes to waste.
  • Almost everything is recyclable!  Offer compost and recycling bins that are easily visible and clearly marked throughout the event venue.
  • Instead of offering the traditional pens, pencils and notepads at meetings, offer these items made from recycled paper.
  • Use an event registration app rather than printing out lists for registration staff.
  • Use a mobile app rather than printing programs.
  • Provide attendees with pitchers of tap water versus bottled water to cut back on recycling. Also don’t prefill glassware with ice since most of it will go to waste.
  • If you are transporting attendees from one place to another, source a green cab or bus company.
  • Incorporate electronic signs rather than having them printed.


Sources: Meetings Imagined, Makery by Moxie Pear Creative, and Special D Events.

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