Special D Events

Special D Events

Cell phone charging stations are popping up everywhere; large crowds gather providing users with a quick power up and giving sponsors a new avenue for visibility. These convenient kiosks offer a spa experience of sorts for your personal technology. They are particularly effective at trade shows and conferences because of the great brand exposure they provide.

Recently, a major transportation industry client and frequent trade show sponsor, Con-way, Inc. asked me to research renting stations for an upcoming trade show. What I found were standard, lackluster designs. As such, Con-way Inc. decided to design and build custom stations to be used at all of the shows they attend. They wanted the design to include small tabletops to allow the user space to continue working on their cell phone or tablet while the device charged.

More than a year after the idea was born several trade shows agreed to include them with current sponsorships. The charging stations were strategically placed in the high traffic areas of the conference such as registration, outside the general session rooms, the exhibit hall entrance, and at a lounge area in the exhibit hall. Each station is three sided and feature a rotating Con-way branded header on the top. We also designed a slot for dispensing branded cleaning cloths for users to wipe their phones and tablet screens. Attendees sought out the stations and were happy to wait their turn for a chance to power up. The 15 minutes a prospect stands at the station looking the graphics and logos is great brand exposure.

Con-way Inc., received positive feedback for their innovative stations and now have a timeless sponsor offering that does not require continuous reinvestment.  So, next time you are looking for a unique way to brand your organization, scrap the signage and create something innovative.

~ Bridgette

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