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Special D Events

Corporate Event Planning: Our Favorite Venues in Detroit for High-Impact Events

It’s not a secret anymore—2024 is officially the year to be in Detroit! With big-ticket events like the NFL draft heading our way, the city is bursting with venues that could be perfect for your next high-impact event.

Now, when it comes to planning a major corporate event, you don’t want to settle on a venue that’s just okay. What happens when guests complain about bad food or technical hiccups? And let’s not even start with the headache of bad transportation or inaccessibility.

First impressions are everything—the right venue will set the stage for an unforgettable event. If you’re looking to amp up your next event, keep reading this article to learn more about our favorite Detroit venues and which factors expert event planners like us consider when we’re choosing the perfect spot.


The side of Chroma's building, which features an artist's modern rendition of the Girl with the Pearl Earring.

 Image from Chroma’s Website

Chroma (even the name sounds cool!) is a multi-functional space for co-working and private events. If your attendees are new to the Detroit area, they’ll love the ninth-floor loft’s floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer breathtaking views of Detroit’s North End.

  • Location: 2937 E. Grand Blvd. (Milwaukee Junction within the historic North End neighborhood).
  • Size & Capacity: Chroma has 75,000 square feet of meeting and office spaces. Its ninth-floor loft seats up to 200.
  • Amenities:
    • Indoor and outdoor event spaces
    • Parking near expressways
    • Video conferencing capabilities
    • Spacious patio, dining, and kitchen spaces
  • Prices: Chroma has a membership model, with meeting and event fees starting at $50/hr.


The inside of Madison Loft & Auditorium. This image is of the inside of the loft.

 Image from Madison Theater’s Website

Madison Loft and Auditorium is not your average event space—it’s one of the only venues we know that’s urban and industrial yet cozy and intimate. It features charming exposed bricks, sky-high ceilings, and windows that let in all the light and city vibes. We can’t think of a better backdrop!

  • Location: 1555 Broadway St. (Grand Circus Park in Detroit’s Old Theater district).
  • Capacity:
    • 130 (Auditorium)
    • 180 Strolling & 150 Banquet (Loft)
    • 180 (Rooftop)
  • Amenities:
    • 7,000-square-foot rooftop   
    • Covered catering area
    • Full-service bar
    • Wraparound balcony
    • On-site AV support
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Multiple microphone options
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on event type, duration, and guest count.

Waterview Loft

An image from the inside of Waterview loft. The glass windows inside the loft show the Detroit cityscape lit up at night.

Image from Waterview Loft’s Website

Accessible, dynamic, and spacious—what more could you ask for from a venue? What makes Waterview Loft so great is that it’s perfectly suited for all types of corporate events, from swanky product launches to laidback team-building events. The space is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling glass walls (yes, the views are as awesome as they sound!). Plus, if you’re tired of staying inside, you can step out onto the terrace for a nice breath of fresh air (and a lovely view of the Detroit River).

  • Location: 130 E. Atwater Street (Downtown in the center of Detroit).
  • Size & Capacity: Waterview Loft has over 10,000 square feet of flexible space that can accommodate up to 450 people.
  •  Amenities:
    • Terraces overlooking the river
    • Optional luxury cruises on Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters
    • Flexible capacity
    • On-site catering
    • Access to major freeways
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on event type, duration, guest count, and other details.

Eastern Market

An image showing people packed in side one of Eastern Market's sheds.

 Image from Eastern Market’s Website

Eastern Market may be one of Detroit’s most well-known public markets, but it’s also a nonprofit that leases out its spaces for private events. Picture your next event in their spacious, fully customizable wooden sheds—it’s a little different, a lot of fun, and totally unforgettable.

  • Location: 2934 Russell St.
  • Size & Capacity: Eastern Market has over 125,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space with multiple event spaces and capacities, including:
    • 3,400 Strolling & 1,590 Seated (Shed 2)
    • 3,120 Strolling & 1,891 Seated (Shed 3)
    • 1,980 Strolling & 1,128 Seated (Shed 5)
  • Amenities: Eastern Market only leases spaces. Rentals include:
    • A full parking lot
    • Access to Wi-Fi
    • Access to indoor restrooms
    • Access to electricity and water
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on guest count, business size, and the space being rented. Lower rates are available for small nonprofits. The pricing for large corporate events ranges from $6,500 to $7,700 for a full-day event (9 a.m.-midnight) or between $3,250 and $3,850 for a half-day (8 a.m.-4 p.m.).

Please note that these spaces are only available during non-market hours and never on Saturdays.

Garden Theater

A new BMW car release presentation being held in the Garden Theater

   Image from the Garden Theater’s Website

The Garden Theater is a restored historic theater in midtown Detroit that was dreamed up by the legendary architect C. Howard Crane. Since its original construction, this venue has undergone a major transformation from its old-school theater days. Instead of hosting plays and movies, the Garden Theater is a hot spot for corporate meetings and other business events. Trust us—it’s the kind of place that’ll have your guests talking long after the curtains close.

  • Location: 3929 Woodward Ave. (in Midtown).
  • Capacity: The Garden Theater is flexible and offers up to 240 seated and 1,000 strolling/standing based on the rented space.
  • Amenities:
    • Catered food and liquor
    • Valet parking
    • Wi-Fi access
    • Custom lighting
    • Flat screen displays
    • State-of-the-art audio-visual system with on-site support
    • On-site security
    • Full bar
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event package details, event duration, event room, and event day. Room rentals start at $750.

M1 Concourse

Several people are standing and laughing M1 Concourse's lobby

         Image from M1 Concourse’s Website

The M1 Concourse isn’t your average venue—it’s a 1.5-mile racetrack that has been the top location for automotive-related events for over 100 years. If you want to give your guests a totally unique experience, this is the place to choose. It has a chic indoor bar, a light-up dance floor, and comfortable, quiet spots for your guests to relax and recharge.

  • Location: 1 Concourse Dr. in Pontiac.
  • Capacity: The M1 Concourse can host anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 guests, depending on the booked space.
  • Amenities:
    • Indoor and outdoor spaces available
    • In-house lighting
    • State-of-the-art audio-visual system
    • Livestream capabilities
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event date, duration, guest count, and other details.

Loft 211

Multiple rectangular tables are set up in Loft 211's industrial, fully customizable room.

Image from pbdetroit.com

Loft 211 is a new venue in Detroit that’s turning heads with its sophisticated industrial look and sweeping city views. What makes Loft 211 so special is its versatility. Although the initial loft is a white box, it can be transformed in any way you like. Whether you’re planning something high-end or low-key, Loft 211 can be whatever you need it to be.

  • Location: On the 17th floor of 211 West Fort St. (in downtown Detroit).
  • Size & Capacity: Loft 211 is around 11,000 square feet and can host up to 350 people.
  • Amenities:
    • Lobby add-on available for smaller groups
    • Easy access to public transportation
    • Beautiful, panoramic views of the city
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event date, duration, guest count, and other details.

Book Tower

The inside of the conservatory inside the Book Tower. Multiple circular towers are set up inside the conservatory.

      Image from the Book Tower’s event           planning brochure

Elegant, cozy, and warm are all words we’d use to describe Book Tower. This recently restored, architecturally striking tower offers two spaces for private events, including the Conservatory Ballroom, an opulent, open space with bright, natural lighting, and the small yet accommodating Linden Room. Plus, guests can walk up to the 14th floor to visit Kamper’s, the Book Tower’s famous rooftop bar.

  • Location: 1265 Washington Blvd. (At the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Grand River Avenue).
  • Size & Capacity: The Conservatory Ballroom is 2,800 square feet and accommodates 225 seated or 300 strolling. The Linden Room is 1,440 square feet and accommodates 130 seated.
  • Amenities:
    • On-site security
    • State-of-the-art AV system with optional staging
    • On-site catering
    • Private dining options
    • Stunning downtown views
    • Easy access to parking
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event date, duration, guest count, and other details.

The Godfrey

One of the large event meeting space's at the Godfrey hotel.

      Image from the Godfrey’s Website

Will out-of-towners be joining your next event in Detroit? Try The Godfrey! This new and upcoming hotel has over 200 guest rooms and four spacious, luxurious meeting rooms perfect for company presentations, workshops, ceremonies, and other exclusive gatherings.

  • Location: 1401 Michigan Ave. (in Corktown, less than a mile from the Detroit Riverwalk).
  • Size & Capacity: The Godfrey offers 6,300 square feet, including a 5,100-square-foot auditorium for rent, and can host up to 350 guests.
  • Amenities:
    • Home to Detroit’s largest indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge with retractable glass walls and ceilings
    • Features Hamilton’s, an elegant restaurant by celebrated local restaurateur Samy Eid
    • Four meeting rooms
    • 227 guest rooms
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event date, duration, guest count, and other details.


The inside of the LaFayette room in the Cambria Hotel. There are large glass windows allowing natural light into the carpeted room, and grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling

              Image from Cambria’s Website

The Cambria Hotel in downtown Detroit is so grand that Jay Gatsby himself would want to host a party there. When you step inside this hotel, it’s like you’re going back in time. Before the Cambria existed, this building was home to a long-standing, well-loved radio station designed by famous Detroit architect Albert Kahn. This multi-functional venue features plenty of Art Deco furniture and spacious areas like the Lafayette Room and the Sala Ballroom. Plus, guests can take a swing at Five Iron, Cambria Hotel’s rentable golfing space.

  • Location: 600 West Lafayette Blvd. (in Downtown Detroit).
  • Size & Capacity: Spaces at The Cambria Hotel range from 1,800 to 3,700 square feet, accommodating 206 to 370 people.
  • Amenities:
    • Craft event menu with locally sourced ingredients
    • Private courtyard
    • Valet parking
  • Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event date, duration, guest count, and other details.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Venue

You’ve seen some of our favorite Detroit venues, but which one should you choose for your next event? Luckily, when you have Special D Events by your side, we do that hard work for you. Our team can help you select the best location based on the number of attendees, the event’s overall theme, company goals, and more.

As event planning professionals, here are a few of the factors we consider when we’re selecting a site:

  • Accessibility: Are there accessibility issues with the venue that need to be addressed? Is the entrance/exit, restroom, and event space accessible to all, even to individuals with mobility issues? Is public transportation accessible from the venue?
  • Technology Capabilities: What AV equipment is available on-site, and does the venue offer on-site technical support? Can the venue support live streaming or video conferencing if it’s needed? How is the sound quality in each area of the venue?
  • Capacity & Space: What is the venue’s maximum capacity, and is it enough for the number of guests expected to attend the event? How flexible is the layout of the venue?
  • Venue Atmosphere: What is the overall style and atmosphere of the venue? Does it align with the event’s theme and purpose? How much flexibility is there for modifying the space to fit a theme?
  • Pricing & Package Details: What amenities are included in the rental? What is the duration of the rental? Are there additional costs that need to be factored into the budget, such as cleaning or service charges? What are the payment terms and conditions? If additional vendors are needed to cover other services, does the venue have a list of preferred vendors? If they do, are there any restrictions, requirements, and extra charges to use outside vendors?

Find Your Location Today

Elevate your next high-impact event with Special D Events. We have more than 30 years of experience managing all types of corporate events. Although we have managed events in all 50 U.S. states, our roots are in Detroit. We consider Detroit our backyard, and are proud to have a huge network of trusted venues and vendors in our hometown. 

Our services and capabilities include venue research and contract negotiation, budget management, event marketing, attendee engagement, and so much more. You name it, we can do it.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today, and let us know what you’d like to plan in Detroit!

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