Special D Events

Special D Events

5 Tips for Planning Your Company Holiday Party

1. Start planning now by considering all possible venue options. The healthy economy means more employers will be celebrating this year. Resources (venues, décor, rentals, etc.) are likely to be in high demand as the end of the year and holidays draw near. Need some ideas on how to keep your event exceptional but within budget? Check out our Champagne on a Beer Budget resource.

2. Create a unique group code through Lyft or Uber to offer attendees a safe ride home from the party. Rideshare platforms are making it easier than ever to help keep your guests safe and responsible.

3. Invite employees to bring a partner/spouse to the event, offering the opportunity for a date night for those with families.

4. Looking to save money?  Consider holding your event in January vs. December. Resources will not only be more plentiful, but they may be more affordable. Also, many people’s schedules book up quickly in December. Employees may have more availability in January when they can relax and truly enjoy the event.

5. Keep food and beverage trends in mind. For instance, alcoholic seltzers are all the rage right now! You don’t have to be relaxing on a beach to enjoy a low calorie, refreshing drink. Also, don’t ignore the “sober curious” trend that is hitting events right now. Nonalcoholic mocktails are a great way to serve up a special drink as well as celebrating with sparkling hydration through products like Käter Wingman.

Ready to rev up your event coordination? Start planning your party today!

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