Special D Events

Special D Events

4 Fresh Ideas for Women-Focused Events

The rise of women-focused conferences (usually organized by women for women) is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. The type of meeting varies by design, technology, business or art, but they all are using face-to-face gatherings to ensure women walk out feeling inspired, refreshed, connected and supported. Here are a few creative ideas to include at your next women-focused convening.

1. Instead of a traditional photo booth, an easy and alternative way to take your reception to the next level is with video. SpeechBooth rents out lightweight video booths that can be delivered to conferences, trade shows, award ceremonies
and other types of events. The app-based video messaging recording unit does not need an attendant, and it allows guests to record messages in HD video. All recorded messages are professionally edited and shared with the user. Inspire attendees to share their personal stories, goals, business advice, encouragement, accomplishments, etc. You can even highlight a few during your wrap-up video.

2. Encourage attendees to celebrate each others’ achievements by putting them on display. A “Collaboration Station” features an eye-catching installation that draws in your attendees. Next to the wall, a stationery station and branded indulgences await as guests take a few minutes to fill a small candy bag and write a short note like, “I want to take time to toast your new business” or “You’re the best* supporter in my life (*besides Rosé).” Attendees can also take this opportunity to drop their business cards into the bags and spread the word about their own businesses. At the end of the event, each attendee brings home their bag full of girl-boss messages and sweet treats.

3. Feature a marketplace activation for attendees to shop from local businesses or pick up smart reads by women before a handful of book signings with the authors themselves —including a VIP signing with the keynote speaker.


4. Incorporate some creative ways to minimize burnout and encourage self-care initiatives during your p.m. break or evening reception. Here are a few examples to spark your creative ideas: healthy snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic as well), morning yoga, beauty lounge, essential oils, Mamava or onsite childcare.


Special D Events is a certified woman-owned business

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