Special D Events

Special D Events

10 Things I Know For Sure

An SDE tribute to Oprah, who regularly told viewers “what she knew for sure”, and whose 25-year television empire run ended last month.

“10 Things I Know for Sure Being an Event Planner”

  1. Working registration is tending bar without the alcohol.  People loiter at the registration table, they tell you things that are on their mind and they visit you regularly and expect to see a smiling face greeting them.
  2. An event planner is compromised of 4 sub professions; interior decorator, circus juggler, fire fighter and actor/actress.
  3. No matter how far technology goes nothing beats face to face interaction.
  4. There are hundreds of event details handled that go unseen to the everyday eye.
  5. Linens are the distant cousin of that sock that disappears in the dryer. No matter how many times you count them, at least one will sneak out.
  6. Nothing can prepare you for a job as an event planner. I learn something new from my profession everyday.
  7. Sometimes having a breath mint handy goes further with a keynote speaker than having a printed agenda.
  8. Newton’s law applies: For every celebrity you meet there is an equally impressive mess waiting for you in their green room.
  9. Event planners get to regularly sample delicious cuisine from some of the best chefs in the cooking world.
  10. Planners love their jobs.

~Lindsay Krause

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