Special D Events

Special D Events

Top 5 Reg Desk Taboos

  1. registration_desk_taboosInappropriate / low cut necklines. Women, the minute you lean over in front of someone to pull their name badge, you’ll know why.
  2. Eating. Yes, we know you are SO busy, it’s difficult to take even a few minutes to step away for a meal. Find the time. Eating at the desk looks unprofessional and it’s just messy.
  3. Insufficient staff. We recommend a ratio of 1 staff per 75 pre-registered attendees if event attendance is free. If attendees paid to attend, the ratio bumps up to 1 per 50 since payment questions/issues slow down the process on site.
  4. registrationMispronouncing names. If you are unsure how to pronounce a registrant’s name, don’t try. Even if you say it aloud and ask, “Is that correct?”, you may have already insulted the person. It’s safer to pick up the name tag and ask, “How do you pronounce your name?” Most people will be flattered that you asked and are happy to oblige.
  5. Burying your nose in your laptop. If you are seated behind the registration desk, event attendees assume you are there to assist. Any event planning staff who camp out at the desk to work should be prepared to assist the registration team during peak periods. Attendees don’t want to wait in line and see staff with their heads down, seemingly ignoring them. Eyes up.

~Carol Galle

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