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Special D Events

Special D Events Wish List

wish_listWe as event planners spend our time listening to our clients and creating events that are exactly what they envisioned.  From simple requests to over the top production, it’s our job to make their ideas come to life. If you could have one wish for your dream event, what would it be?

“I would like to rent out the Eiffel Tower for an event.  Or host an event at the Louvre and all the speakers are famous artists speaking about their inspiration; at the end of the evening, everyone gets to take home a famous piece of art as a favor”

Alix Chapie, Meeting & Event Planner

“I always wish to custom order the weather!”

Karen Carlton, Operations Manager

“Wireless AV set-up between control, lighting, audio, video, stage managers, onstage talents.  Get rid of all cables and cords between components.”

Mike Galle, Creative Director & Executive Producer

“Fine art to be used as décor and then returned to the museum for safekeeping.”

Carol Galle, President & CEO

“I wish we could assign a guest services person aka “event mom” to each and every attendee who would escort the person to the event, make sure their food and beverage preferences are met, provide them with a sweater or a mini fan to accommodate temperature requests and offer them comfy shoes at the end of the evening for their aching feet.  Knowing these basic provisions are in place, I could focus all of my energy producing wow factors.”

Lindsay Krause, Manager, Meetings and Events

“Nike Air Heels from Cole Haan.  Classy and comfortable!”

Kayla Johns, Meetings Assistant

“I’ve always wanted to plan one of the big sporting events; like the X Games or the U.S. Open Championships.”

Kelly Woo, Meetings Assistant

“Puppies; because everyone loves puppies”

Snickers, Top Dog & Senior Strategist


The planners at Special D Events shared their wishes, send us yours.

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