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Special D Events

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Safely return to work.

Is your organization’s next “big event” the return of employees to their physical workplace? We can help you ease the transition, allow employees to safely return to work, show your appreciation and boost productivity.

While some companies have the ability to extend work-from-home opportunities, many others must slowly and carefully bring employees back into their buildings, stores and factories. The work environment will not be the same. Safely returning employees to work will require putting new policies and procedures in place, and workers may be anxious about these changes.

Introducing the Back to Work Pack, a thoughtfully curated care package of Michigan sourced products to help employees feel safe and be productive in their new work environments. From PPE to tech — and even healthy treats — Back to Work Packs offer employers one-stop shopping for these practical items. Starting at $69, each box includes:

  • A washable face mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Anti-microbial door opener
  • Phone sanitizer spray
  • Webcam covers
  • Assorted individually packaged healthy snacks
  • A personal note from the employer
  • An optional Meijer gift card (additional cost)

We’re leveraging our industry connections and our logistics capabilities to locally source, assemble and ship these kits in time for your employees’ return. We have intentionally sourced these items from Michigan companies, so while you’re bringing your employees back to work, you can rest assured that you’re bringing work back to your community.

You and your co-workers have endured isolation, frustration and loss over the past few months. But it’s finally time to safely return to work and welcome everyone back.


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