Special D Events

Special D Events

Adding Health and Wellness to Events

Looking to incorporate health and wellness into your events? Simply replacing brownies with fruit at your afternoon coffee break just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are some suggestions to meet the growing interest in healthy event planning, including options for people at all activity levels.

  • Fitness Buffs: Organize a group fitness activity such as morning yoga, a meet up at the local jogging path or a group walk for early birds who want to get in some exercise before their business day begins.
  • Competitive Types: Create a fitness contest either via your meeting mobile app or through the use of Fit Bits and reward those who hit the goal. This works for individuals looking to make a change as well as die-hard exercise veterans. Consider announcing the winners publicly during a break or maybe during Closing Session.
  • Cooking Demo: Don’t just provide healthy food, but actually teach participants how to prepare healthy meals themselves. Cooking demonstrations can be brief and are a great way to keep your crowd inspired and feeling creative. Hint: this is a great sponsor activity/option. Imagine distributing branded recipe cards as takeaways.
  • Spa Moments: Who said health and wellness has to be hard work? Bring in chair masseuses or manicurists to pamper your participants. Invite an essential oil expert to teach a mini session on aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Break up long days by offering participants a few minutes of downtime. Offer quality time with therapy dogs, adult coloring books at breaks, or a Zentangles session.

Special D Events has had great success with each!


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