Special D Events

Special D Events

Food for Thought

food_for_thoughtWith food functions, the BEO is law.  So, if you or your client has specific food service standards they need to be spelled out in the banquet event order (BEO) for the event.  Although caterers and hotels are professionals when it comes to food preparation and service, you should never assume they have same the standards as you or your client.

For example, you may assume that the banquet staff will automatically refill water glasses during a sit down meal.  But, in some cases, particularly if there is a speaker, the banquet staff may not take that initiative.  It sounds minor, but it can frustrate your guests and can easily be avoided if your wishes are included on the BEO.

Another example is a breakfast buffet that includes cereal.  If you don’t specify skim, 2% or whole milk, you may end up with just one of those choices – and a health conscious VIP who is unhappy.  It’s even worse if your assorted cereals include mostly sugary kid-friendly options when your guests are adults.

The bottom line?  Spell it out on the BEO, or it may not happen

~ Molly Hawkins

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