Special D Events

Special D Events

750 million people can’t be wrong.  That’s how many active users Facebook brings to your event table.  Used properly, the Facebook social media website can increase attendance and enhance your event’s brand.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Create a group for your event

Instead of just promoting the event on your Facebook wall, create a separate group and invite others to join. Make sure the name of your group is the actual title of your event. For an example, if your event is called the 2nd Annual Conference on the Nuances of Neurosurgery, then that should be the title of your group.

Tip #2: Add your event’s Facebook link to the signature of all event emails

Think of how many emails you send in a day.  By adding your events link to your email signature, you generate more traffic through your Facebook group. You can always take this one step further and add the link to your event marketing materials, such as brochures, mailings, and even your website. (You can find your event link at the top of your event’s homepage.)

Tip #3: Reward your Facebook followers

In order to encourage your “friends” to help promote your event, offer a discount on the registration fees if someone tags your event in their status. To “tag” an event you simply type the at sign (@) in your status followed by the title of the group. If a friend tags your event, a link to your event is visible on their wall to all of their current friends, and your wall as well.

Tip #4: Use your event’s wall to post the current status of the event

By using your event’s wall to promote current status of the event, registered attendees and other people who are interested in attending your event will be more likely to visit your page on a regular basis. For an example, if your event includes speakers or exhibitors, update your event each time a new speaker and/or exhibitor registers by tagging them in your status.

Tip #5: Post opened-ended questions on your status

Help promote attendee discussions by posting open-ended questions on your event’s status. You can use this as a tool to reach your attendees interests and needs. For an example, if your event is a conference on event planning, and you are unsure of what topics attendees are interested in, post the question on your status and allow your friends and attendees to respond. Be sure to monitor your wall on a regular basis and delete any negative posts.

~Beth Wanczyk

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