Photo Credit: Copenhagen City Bikes

Photo Credit: Copenhagen City Bikes

At Special D Events, we recently planned a series of 4 day meetings across the US. Making sure that we included self-care and wellness activities in the agenda for attendees was a top priority for our client. Below is just a sampling of ideas Special D Events came up with for this project.

Informational Suggestions
• Provide a laminated wallet-size card in their welcome packet offering tips for staying healthy while traveling. The cards can be used long after your event. This is also an opportunity for your logo or a sponsor’s logo.

Food & Beverage Suggestions
• Set up box breakfasts (yogurt, apple, granola bar, etc.) near the hotel’s health club.
• Serve breakfast by the outdoor pool (weather permitting). Encourage guests to drop by early for a swim.
• Room drops with bottled water featuring the event’s or a sponsor’s logo for each guest. Include an encouraging note to try and drink more water that day to stay healthy.

Other Suggestions
• Hire bicycles for free checkout by attendees for touring the local surroundings.
• Offer an early morning workshop that discusses staying balanced during seasonal changes, and managing stress.
• Offer guests an opportunity for a free fitness assessment by an expert.
• Offer an early detection or prevention clinic.
• Painting – use an open space for interactive art. Provide canvas and painting supplies. Attendees can come and work on one large painting collectively, or create their own.
• Provide guests with a pedometer.
• Provide guests with a walking map of the area.
• Purchase day passes at a local fitness facility (ideally within a 5-10 minute walk of the hotel)
• Acupressure sessions
• Yoga (indoor or outdoor)
• Tai Chi (indoor or outdoor)
• Reiki
• Meditation
• Zumba
• Organize a morning walk
• Music therapy
• Chair massage

Keeping attendees happy and healthy at long conferences has the potential to be pushed to the backburner since the meeting organizer has so many other details to arrange. Our advice by planners for our event colleagues out there is to make you add some self-care initiatives into your meetings. Whether small or large gatherings, the attendees will appreciate it!

By Kelly Woo
Meeting and Event Assistant