Have you ever had a show decorator rent linens for your 400-person meeting after hours the day before the conference started? I have.

Heritage Exposition Services, based in St Louis, bid on an annual conference and tradeshow we were hosting a few years back and without a doubt became the highlight of St Louis for me. Their exemplary customer service in the planning stages was unlike any show decorator I had worked with in the past.  For a few years now I have worked with Ted Haynes who is straight-forward, kind, and always has the best interest of the group and the show in mind. He continually goes over and above to make it great no matter what city we are planning the show in. The team onsite has the same “whatever you need” attitude and works tirelessly to make it all happen.  

Heritage Exposition Services is a company that I want to work with again…and again…and again…and again.

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